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Lunar Rhythms
Ecko Aleck

Welcome to Lunar Rhythms

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Our Intention

Lunar Rhythms is a sacred place to land amidst the evolution of humanity. We are in a global shift and how we choose to step into this shift will determine the pivot of the planet.

Come recharge your battery, fill your cup and join a community of practice aligning with the moon cycles, seasons, your own natural rhythms and guided by ancestral land-based ways of knowing.

Reclaim your sacred power. Build sacred boundaries. Listen. Trust. Create. Lean in to your natural state of being.

Alignment Check In

Craving a different pace?

Regularly hit burnout from capitalism?

Experiencing colonial shame or guilt? (Not sure what this is?... come explore!)

You know the current systems and structures are not serving you but not sure where to start or feeling stuck?

Curious about Indigenous teachings for current times?

Do you have a desire for simplicity?

Are you ready for the next step in your healing/transformation journey?

Then this space might just be the medicine you need right now. And you might just be the medicine WE need right now.

We cannot decide for you, nor do we have any desire to convince you this is the right community for you. We encourage the abundance of natural knowing. Intuitively, it will speak to you, you will know and we trust you to listen to yourself 💜

If you are simply curious, the first moon cycle (month) is free so you have some time to immerse yourself and get a feel.

Kʷukʷscémxʷ / Thank You!

This space was planted with sacred seeds and will remain a sacred circle because of every single beautiful human here. We cannot do this without you. We love you.

Together we rise - All my relations.

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